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What our students say!


"I got into trouble at school when I was in year 7. The teachers started to treat me differently because they always expected me to cause trouble. I was excluded from school and I went to Unity, then I started coming to FUEL 3 days a week. I studied Hair and Beauty, Health & Social Care and Personal & Social Development. I was really quiet when I first came to FUEL but everyone made friends with me straight away.

The work is good because it includes lots of practical things not just writing all the time.

I want to go to college and carry on with Hair and Beauty. The teachers are really supportive and they helped with all sorts of things even if you have personal problems. If I wasn't at FUEL I think I might have even ended up in trouble with the police, but I am so proud of what I have done and achieved".


"I was ok at school until year 8, then it all went bad. I got bad reports and started to get a bad name with my teachers. Three days after I was excluded I had meeting at FUEL and when I started here, I settled in straight away. At FUEL you really make a bond with the teachers...they help you outside of here too, because they make you think about not getting led astray by your friends and getting into trouble.


I think I would have kept on getting into trouble if I hadn't come to FUEL. I plan to go on to college and get a well paid job"


"At school I was messing around and getting into all sorts of trouble. I think it was because I used to finish my work quickly and then get bored so I just messed about. Since I've been attending FUEL I have settled. The students here are really clever and the teachers are supportive, they have really helped me.

I enjoy my course and when I finish my level 1 diploma I plan to go to college and university"

 "At FUEL there are less students and more teachers so I get the one to one support I need. The teachers here have really helped me. I am studying a level 1 diploma in health and social care and I have attended work placements and learned lots about other people. When I finish my course I want to go on to study at college"


Alternative education for young people
If you are just joining FUEL you might be a little bit nervous and not sure what to expect. You will quickly meet new people who have been through similar things to you, and you will soon make new friends. Once you get started on your course you will see that your teachers understand how you feel and they will help you to settle into your chosen course. 
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