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With all your mind

With all your heart

With all your might




FUEL has been working with young people who have been permanently excluded or on the verge of permanent exclusion from mainstream school environments in KS3/4 since 2009.

Our aim is to support these young people to progress to either re-integration back into mainstream schools or post 16 Education, Employment, Apprenticeships or Training through personalised education plans. Our subject areas are carefully selected from either the key stage 4 performance tables for inclusion or highly industry recognised qualifications. These courses offer a flexible and high quality alternative to traditional mainstream school curriculum.

FUEL has a proven track record and has successfully tailored a programme in order to engage young people with challenging behaviour.

Our strength is engaging with those students who require extra support around their Behavioural, Emotional and Social Development (BESD). We break down the barriers which young people face on a day to day basis to support them to progress in education.



FUEL’s mission is to meet the unique educational, social, and emotional needs of our diverse student group in a safe and nurturing environment.


We aim to both encourage and empower students to develop skills necessary to pursue post 16 opportunities and give a lifelong love of learning.


At FUEL we focus on developing the “whole student,” by teaching and reinforcing academic, personal and the social skills needed to achieve success and move onto productive citizenship.

We cater for those young people who struggle in mainstream environments whether they have been permanently excluded or at risk of exclusion, those without a school place and those who are disengaged or at risk of becoming NEET. 


We provide bespoke packages to young people in key stages 3 and 4 with Special Educational Needs (SEN). 

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